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Potential Of The Tour

Should the Michigan Players Tour receive adequate sponsorship to make it competitive with other tours, the Tour has nearly unlimited potential to become one of the top tours in the nation. This potential is described below.

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The Potential Of The Michigan Players Tour

It is our belief a fully-sponsored developmental tour for both men and women based in Michigan will have a huge impact in professional golf and would likely become the “tour of choice” for many players preparing for PGA and LPGA Tour Q-School each fall. There are several reasons to support this.

1. The Great Lakes region is one of the most popular golf destinations in the U.S. each summer.

With several of the largest cities in North America located near the Great Lakes, the region consistently ranks as one of the most popular golf destinations in the U.S. during the summer months. In particular, Michigan has more public golf courses than any other state in the U.S., and actively markets itself as “America’s Summer Golf Capital.” The creation of a viable developmental tour in this area has the potential to draw many out of state players in addition to the large number of locally based players.

2. The Tour conducts events for both men and women.

The Michigan Players Tour has created a schedule of events for both men and women, making the Tour the only developmental tour in the U.S. to offer events for both sexes. Although there are several tours for men at this level around the U.S., none are located in the Great Lakes region, and playing opportunities for women at this level have been limited to a single tour, which is located in Phoenix.

3. An abundance of top quality courses.

Many of the courses and resorts used by the Tour are ranked among the top courses in the United States, and are both extremely beautiful and tremendously difficult. A professional developmental tour based here will definitely prepare players for the rigors of PGA and LPGA Tour Q School, as well as the daily grind of the tours themselves.

4. The pleasant summer climate and amenities of Michigan.

Most of the developmental tours currently in operation conduct their events in Florida, Texas, the Carolinas, and Arizona during the summer, forcing players to battle intense heat, high humidity, and heavy thunderstorms throughout the season. A tour based in Michigan would be a tremendous break for players, and offer a refreshing alternative to the extreme conditions of the Southern states each summer.

In addition to the climate, Michigan has wonderful amenities apart from golf, and is an ideal location for players to bring their families and enjoy the entire summer up north.

5. The favorable logistics of a Michigan-based tour.

In contrast to other tours, all of the events on the Tour will be played in a relatively small geographic area, minimizing travel expenses of players participating on the Tour. In addition to making the Tour more attractive to players on limited budgets, this fact can be exploited to highlight conservation and environmental issues.

6. The lack of other viable playing opportunities in the Great Lakes region.

Prior to formation of the Tour in 2006, players of both sexes seeking advanced competition to develop their games for PGA and LPGA Tour Q School were forced to move out of the Great Lakes region entirely. The creation of viable tour here will fill a major geographic hole in the market, and make it possible for many players to remain based in the region and attract others to move back up.

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