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Advantages Of Sponsoring The Tour

There are numerous advantages of sponsoring a professional developmental tour as opposed to spending the same amount of money on traditional forms of advertising. These advantages are listed below.

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The following is a list of the advantages of sponsoring the Michigan Players Tour.

Advantages of Sponsoring the Michigan Players Tour

1. Sponsorships provide numerous promotional opportunities.

In contrast to traditional advertising, which is most cases reaches an extremely limited and often disinterested audience, a sponsorship can provide numerous opportunities to publicize the products and services of Your Company over an extended period of time to a much more interested and focused audience.

2. Professional golf sponsorships are prestigious.

A sponsorship provides Your Company with a direct association with professional golf and its players, an association which can provide tremendous prestige in the years to come.

3. Developmental tour sponsorships are much more affordable.

Sponsorship of a professional developmental tour costs only a fraction of what it costs to sponsor the major professional tours in the U.S.

4. A Tour sponsorship can be used to reach both sexes.

Since the Michigan Players Tour conducts events for both men and women, a sponsorship can be used to reach an audience of both sexes, which is a unique opportunity among golf sponsorships.

5. A sponsorship of the Tour can receive national coverage.

Since the Tour is unique among professional tours and has one of only two women’s tours in the U.S., a sponsorship of a Tour event by Your Company could receive substantial coverage by national and regional television stations and newspapers.

6. Pro-Ams preceding Tour events can be used as company outings.

Sponsorship allows the creation of Pro-Ams preceding events, allowing Your Company to utilize them as company outings and to help build relationships with your employees, associates, and prospective corporate partners.

7. Pro-Ams preceding Tour events can be used to generate funds for charity.

A Pro-Am dedicated to generating funds for a particular charity can create tremendous good will within the community and add great prestige to Your Company.

8. A sponsorship will illustrate your company’s commitment to Michigan.

Since the Tour can be used as a major promoter for the state of Michigan, a sponsorship of a Tour event would illustrate Your Company’s commitment to promoting business in Michigan and help to create a climate where people and businesses from all over the U.S. can see these amenities and consider moving here.

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